Surprisingly structural. (flexagon) wrote in tv_thought,
Surprisingly structural.

A first post from your friendly mod...

Hello from your friendly mod! Wow, starting a community to discuss a decision I haven't thought about in years is a strange thing for me to be doing. I tend to forget about television for months at a time... I'm always surprised to remember just how many people have chosen to have them in their homes, and how strange most of those people think it is that I don't. In addition, once the topic is brought up people seem to want to talk about it, and not only with people who agree with them. Thus, this community.

For lack of a more inspired first topic, here are my reasons for not owning one:

  • After working and working out, I only have pathetically tiny scraps of time in which to have a life. Friends, creativity, all that jazz. I'm not sure when in there I'm supposed to have time to sit and watch.
  • I hate living rooms in which all the furniture points at the TV, so that people sit down and are not naturally looking at and involved with one another. No way -- my living room is for living. And I don't yet live in the mansion in which I would someday like to have a media room. :)
  • Intellectually I know it's pretty addictive, so having a TV too easily accessible would be a little bit like equipping the freezer with an endless supply of ice cream. That doesn't bother me so much, but it does bother my husband, who works at home and thinks he would watch it too much if we had one.
  • I don't like the emotionally overwrought tones of, gee, almost everyone shown on television. I have this problem with radio too. The emotions put me on edge -- and really, I don't want to become so desensitized that they don't. I think it's natural to react strongly when exposed to strong emotion.
  • It's fun to say you're TV-free. It rhymes! Tee... vee... free... Ohhh yeah.

In the spirit of full disclosure, every four years when the summer Olympics roll around I do invariably long for a TV. If I were smart I'd rent one, but I tend to forget and so I tend to miss all the gymnastics. Sigh.

What are your reasons for having, or not having, a TV? Is this a default choice or have you thought about it much?
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