Miyyu (miyyu) wrote in tv_thought,

confessions of a TV addict

I admit it. I am addicted to television. I love the background noise. I love the familiar hum of voices. I have come to hate and even sometimes fear the silence in my house, especially when my husband isn't home.

But I am working on it. Like apfelsingail, I have discovered the wonder of Netflix. It lets me indulge in my anime interest very cheaply and I also get to watch television series on DVD but be choosy about it. I have gotten to see most of "Six Feet Under" that way, for example, and I feel that the quality of writing in that show is far above the dreck that is on.

While there are many well-meaning shows and networks on tv, with 200+ digital cable channels to plow through, I have discovered that I can only watch "I Love the 80's" so many times no matter how much I laughed the first time. I also am very disappointed with the "educational" and documentary networks. Many of them have caved in to hyping-up their programming to the point of making it inane. Animal Planet (which I used to love) has all those "extreme" shows, everybody is CGI'ing some speculative thing be it a battle or a dinosaur, and so much of the "science" is speculative though so far they are careful to still use the word "might" in choice places. All in all, I have seen very little in a documentary that I didn't already know as a well-read person of wide interests. The only documentary in the past year I've learned anything from is the old PBS "Civil War" series -- and I borrowed that from someone.

So, it is time to kick my addiction. Clearly, there's more going on with me than the television -- I'm drowning something out with it, and it's my job to figure out what. But I can and am starting to remove the thing as a crutch. We cancelled the digital cable and have been without it for two days now. I must say I am doing well. I can't believe how much I've read. My husband and I have found a compromise: we are getting satellite instead so that we can get a (free) Tivo. We record anything actually good that we want to see and if we don't watch it right away, it's deleted and gone -- instead of just turning on the television for the noise and as a mental opiate. So we can actually catch South Park and the Daily Show (on too late for us) and all the fun shit on Adult Swim and the good things that PBS does put on.

There are some good, funny, smart, entertaining shows out there. But all things in moderation, as I am learning.
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