apfelsingail (apfelsingail) wrote in tv_thought,

My two cents

I have to admit, I like my TV. For a long time, I was really pretty self-righteous about not owning one, expecting people in my living room to actually talk to each other, and so on. Then my roommate got a TV. And it was the beginning of the end. (She was a twit, but her TV was nice.)

That said, I rent movies from Netflix. I don't get channels; if I want to watch a show, I wait until it's out on DVD. It's great, because Netflix saves money, keeps me from getting sucked into channel-surfing until my brain implodes, and effectively limits the overall amount of TV I watch.

More and more, I find that while I enjoy some fluff (in reading or TV), I also need something that actually stimulates thought, and too many movies just leaves me feeling dead and hollow.
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